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About Matthew

When I was about 25 years old I met a woman who changed the course of my life and whom I would later consider to be the greatest teacher I ever had.

Her name was Brenda Hanson and all the things about myself that I didn’t yet understand were gradually brought into focus as she explained all the things about herself that we had in common.

I am what is called an intuitive empath, which means I feel other people’s pain and emotions.  While emotions are more subtle and are at times harder to distinguish mine from those around me, physical pain can be quite harsh.

After speaking with Brenda I slowly learned how to block out unwanted energy from other people that in the earlier years of my life caused me great pain and confusion.  Imagine if you can having a headache whenever your mother has one, limping around the house when your brother breaks his leg or your shoulders and back aching every time your dad comes home from his job doing manual labor.

Brenda taught me that I could use this knowledge of other people’s aches and pains in combination with the healing art of Jin Shin Jyutsu to know where to apply my hands, and through them my energy, in order to give treatment and ease the suffering of those around me.  Being a healer, she told me, comes very naturally to me.


When I was in high school, about half way through grade 10, I went through the worst time in my life.  Depression is by far the worst state of mind I have ever experienced.  Mine was a depression that only a few people even realized was happening, years later when I told my parents about it they were quite shocked that they hadn't noticed.  I functioned normally by all appearances it seemed yet I couldn't come up with any reason for living.  Finally I'd had enough, I woke up one Saturday morning and decided today was the day my depression ended one way or the other, be it by the end of a shotgun or by finding a reason to go on.  Brenda told me once that all great healers have faced death at some point in their lives, this I believe was mine.


I was raised catholic and when you go to a catholic school they make you say prayer 4 times a day.  Those words were pounded into my head from a young age, but in all that time I don't think I ever meant or understood a word of what I was reciting. That Saturday morning, staring down the barrel of that shotgun I prayed for the first time in my life, asking only for a reason not to do it.  I never got a reason but that is the day I became a psychic.  This also I had in common with Brenda and she taught me a great deal about all that I see, hear and feel.


Now, I don't do psychic readings but if I'm giving treatment and I see, hear and/or feel something I will mention it to my client. 


Most psychics I've heard about talk mainly about seeing loved ones who have died and they return with a message of some sort.  While i do sometimes see those sorts of things, most often what I see are darker spirits.  Ones that are lost or intent on causing misery to the living people around them.  These darker spirits can get inside a person and cause all sorts of physical ailments, digestive problems usually chief amoung them also they can make people quite irritable or give a person horrible nightmares.


These spirits I clear out of my clients mentally as I'm working on them physically.

I also do space clearings, which rid places like my clients homes or workplaces of these darker types of spirits and cleansing the space afterward through the use smudging. 

Since meeting Brenda in 2008 I’ve taken Jin Shin Jyutsu classes, became a practitioner and spent a great deal of time working with and learning from her as often as I could. I took a lot of time off from my day job to learn even more.  I have also attended classes in Psycosomatic Therapy, the art of reading the body. 

In the spring of 2015 I quit my job to pursue a career in energy healing.

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