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​What does Jin Shin Jyutsu help treat?

Difficulty breathing – After running when winded we have been taught to hold
our hands above our heads this is wrong it is instinct to put our hands on or behind our knees.  Holding the backs of our knees helps with
Back Pain
Shoulder Pain
Any bodily pains
Infertility issues – can be contributed to Jaw injuries or too many long visits to
the Dentist


Any named illness can be treated.

- MS is aided by working through the shoulders
- Diabetes results from a bad pancreas which is treated by working on the

  liver and gull bladder energy flows.
- AIDS & HIV are treated by working on SEL 14 (the bottom of the ribs)
- Varicose Veins result from tightness in the chest
- Arthritis is water in the joints, holding the joints breaks down the buildup  

  the process can take a lot of time
- Parkinsons is a tightness in the neck and ears

- Autism is from subtle spaces between each of the the vertebrae, the more

  there are the worse the Autism



I do not claim to Diagnose or Cure ANY ailments, that is what your physician is for.  Using Jin Shin Jyutsu, I work on the blockages in your energy field, which aids in the healing of any illness named or otherwise.

What is Jin Shin Jyutsu?

Jin Shin Jyutsu (the words mean ‘the art of the Creator through the person of compassion’) is one of a number of healing therapies which are energy-based and non-invasive. People are increasingly attracted by their gentle spiritual approach. Although Jin Shin Jyutsu has much in common with other healing therapies, such as zero-balancing and shiatsu, it has its own philosophy and physiology.  Energy moves through the body along pathways known as ‘flows’ and works at different levels, known as ‘depths’.

When it stagnates or becomes blocked owing to the person’s way of life, a disease or accident or emotional problems, the flow can be released by placing the hands gently but firmly on the appropriate ‘safety energy locks’.  There are 26 of these on each side of the body, and each relates to a particular joint, organ or symptom.

For example, safety energy lock five, on the inside of the ankle between the ankle bone and the heel, is associated with liberating people from the burdens of the past, and conquering fear.  Holding the insides of each ankle can also help digestive and hearing disorders.



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